In line with the policy of "Istiklal Hospital" in providing integrated medical care for patients and visitors of all ages and their requirements or what they need, we have prepared and construct a special "Medical laboratory" equipped with the finest hardware needed to perform most medical tests, and in all disciplines and in the hands of highly qualified and good experienced medical laboratory technicians 24/7. So our lab performs all medical tests required by doctors i.e. from the hospital clinics or outpatient. The results for patient tests are performed and established in the shortest possible time and high quality,, Our lab is under internal and external international (USA &Germany) quality control, in addition to the hardware monitor calibration and maintenance of the rotating process. 


Al-Istiklal Hospital Laboratory is distinguished for being one of the well-known laboratory referenc

Sections of the laboratory

Reception & Phlebotomy:

Where the patient is received in the laboratory, information is taken about him and the analysis required for him, according to which samples are drawn from the patient. Then the complete results are delivered after the tests are carried out and on the specified date, and the results are checked and approved by the laboratory director

Analysis of body fluids and routine tests

It includes tests (urine), (feces), semen (sperm), spinal cord fluid, in addition to other rapid serology tests needed for detection of some communicable diseases such as Brucella fever, and typhoid

Hematology and coagulation tests

In this section analysis of blood cells (Complete blood cells  ... CBC) for detection of anemia, or other diseases

And coagulation tests needed for diagnose and detect thrombophilia and cardiac diseases


Clinical Chemistry tests done and performed in this section including cardiac enzymes , liver ,and kidney function tests, cholesterol and  all kinds of lipids, diabetes tests, and others

Microbiology and Culture

In this section culture for bacteria from body fluids or swabs from different sources in the body to diagnose microorganisms and to do selection of antibiotics for treatment of inflammation and diseases

Immunology and PCR

This section includes the tests needs for the diagnosis a group of diseases related to the immunity system such as hepatitis and immunodeficiency and others./ PCR department ,In this section, PCR technology detects various virus diseases such as viral hepatitis and other viruses such as COVID-19, H1N1 and many other blood clotting diseases and other diseases that are detected by the polymerase method

Hormones and Endocrinology

In this section all hormones of different diseases done such as thyroid hormones ,infertility hormones or others related to different endocrinology diseases , in addition to the tumor markers which done and performed at the same instruments in this section

Histopathology and tissue diseases section

Biopsies taken from patients undergo for processing, then to examined and analyzed by a specialist histopathology to diagnose and give report about diseases.