Services provided to patients

Welcome to Istiklal Hospital. This information has been prepared in order to give you the necessary information you need while you are in the hospital

During your stay in the hospital, you can submit any suggestions or notes to the Public Relations and Patient Services Department, and we thank you for your opinions and comments that are related to your experience while you stay in the hospital


Patient reception and admission services

  • Employee Identification Card: There is an employee identification card that includes the employee’s name, photo, and the job title. Please do not allow anyone who does not hold this card to provide any service to you and you have to report it directly.

  • He introduces you to the necessary documents to complete the entry procedures, namely (referring from the doctor, the personal ID, the insurance card, if any, the passport for the non-Jordanian patients). and introduce you to the forms of delegation, undertaking and warranty.

  • Coordination with the floor clerk and department official to determine the room or bed, and all radiological and laboratory examinations will be done immediately when the patient enters the room.

  • The hospital admits patients anytime, where the admission officer receives patients and makes sure of their personal data and any reservations for them

Emergency services

We work in the hospital all the time every day in the week 24/7 and we are ready to receive and treat all health problems.

Triage System, a system that is subject to the Canadian International System, is used in the emergency department. This system is based on the following:

The first person a patient meets is the emergency department nurse, who has high skills in sorting and classifying cases. 

    • The emergency department nurse makes an initial classification and division of patients according to their pathological condition, and this includes determining the order according to which the patient will receive treatment based on an initial assessment of the severity of the disease cases:
    • Triage red & Triage Blue are patients who receive treatment immediately and these cases are cases of heart and lung stops, severe asthma, severe chest pain, severe convulsions, and severe injuries.
    • Patients classified as yellow Triage & green Triage are patients whose treatment can be postponed safely from half an hour to an hour should wait until urgent cases are examined. These cases are moderate injuries, acute intestinal infections, back pain, headache.
    • Patients classified as white Triage are patients whose treatment can be postponed safely for up to an hour and a half. These cases are throat pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and minor injuries.
    • An example, a person who suffers from symptoms of a heart attack will be treated before the person who has ankle sprain regardless of who arrived.
    • Record patient data by the receptionist in an emergency record that includes the patient’s name, arrival time, age, address, location of injury, diagnosis of the condition, treatment, procedures performed, patient’s file number, and the name of the doctor and nurse who performed the treatment.
    • Emergency physicians are responsible for the smart diagnosis and treatment of patients, which includes immediate resuscitation and work to stabilize the situation in cooperation with specialized doctors and make decisions regarding the patient’s need for surgical intervention, hospitalization, or hospital discharge.
    • Expanding emergency services to reduce the patient’s need to enter the hospital.
    • Providing prompt, effective and efficient medical and nursing care for patients with emergency situations and ensuring the availability of specialized staff in the event of cardiac arrest.

Services, appointments and communication

You can book an appointment to receive multidisciplinary clinic services and book appointments on a daily basis except for Friday during working hours between the hours (eight in the morning until four in the evening and in some clinics until eight in the evening) by calling the hospital phone 00962-6-5652600 Clinics Extension (550) The existing employee will offer services that can be provided and coordinate appointments with doctors.

Nursing and room services

  • All rooms in the hospital are equipped with the latest facilities suitable for accommodation.
  • The nurse responsible for you will provide you with a special bracelet that contains all the patient’s identification data. You must keep the bracelet for the length of your stay in the hospital.
  • Medicines for patients: Please tell the doctor and nurse about any treatments the patient takes to keep them safe.
  •  In addition,, the nurse responsible for you will introduce you to your room and introduce you to the nurse / nurse call device located next to the bed. When you press the button, the call will be heard by the nurse, the light above your room door will also light up, and the nurse will answer the pager. There is a pager too inside the bathroom of each room in the hospital in case the patient needs it.
  • The nurse in charge will guide you on how to use the bed: To raise or lower the head of the bed, signs on the bedside barriers are used Likewise, with the bed raised or lowered.
  • All hospital rooms are equipped with a central air conditioning system and are equipped with LED screens, through which many satellite stations are broadcasted, and when adding or changing any channel, coordination is done with the Public Relations Department. Please consider the feeling of other patients by keeping the volume low and turning it off when sleeping.
  •  All rooms are equipped with telephones, and the patient can at any time receive and request phone calls from inside and outside Jordan, and any internal transfer can be requested by entering the number directly or / Zero ((0)) to request the operator
  • Car parking services

  • Rose delivery services

Parking services

Free parking services are available in our hospital. You can easily come to the hospital with your own car. You will be assisted by the security personnel at the main hospital entrances and the emergency entrance to line up in the nearby and designated areas in order to maintain your safety and security.

Security and protection services

Our security team monitors all hospital fronts, entrances, exits, parking lots, all medical units, clinics and hospital facilities through 24-hour surveillance cameras. This service is provided to preserve the safety and security of our honorable visitors.

Social services

Your suggestions concern us and help us to enhance the level of health and royal services. In order to always satisfy our beloved patients and provide the best services, we inform you that there is a social supervisor with the following tasks:

  • Make morning visits to check patients and provide social advice and directions especially in cases of suicides, violence, and loss of family support, depression, disabilities, and refusal of treatment if necessary.
  • Carefully listen to the observations and suggestions made by patients and discuss with the concerned administrative authorities.
  • There are suggestions and complaints boxes available all over the hospital so that we can continue to improve and develop our services. Please put your suggestions / complaints in the nearest suggestion and complaints box.
  • To submit any suggestion or complaint, the social supervisor will respond to your requests and notes immediately. You can also contact the Public Relations Department on the internal line (558) or the short code through the room’s phone number (8974). If calling from outside the hospital, please dial (00962797900508) or send an email to
  • Provide plans to help guide nursing staff about how to help and deal with patients to reduce negative feedback.
  • Developing indicative plans to assist patients with special needs, cancer patients, chronic diseases, battered patients and children, in addition to developing educational and entertainment programs for patients who stayed in hospital for long periods.

Services for dealing with the elderly and patients with special needs

  • Priority is given to elderly patients and those with special needs in providing medical care as the hospital is fully-equipped to receive and admit these groups of patients.

    There is dedicated equipment to deal with these categories of patients in their rooms.

    Assistance is provided to receive these categories of patients and their companions

Translation services

This service facilitates the provision of services to patients who do not speak Arabic or English, where a list of doctors and nursing staff who speak the same language of the patient delivered to  ensure the best service provided to the patient and by this we guarantee the immediate translation service to the patient. In the absence of a doctor who speaks the same language of the patient  The patient’s embassy is referred to, where all numbers of all embassies are available.

Food and Drink Services

We provide hospitality and catering services to patients under the supervision of nutritionists, and in line with the Food and Drug Control Law and the Ministry of Health Law, according to a program prepared in advance for this purpose. Hours of serving meals to patients are as follows:

  • Breakfast: From (6: 45 – 7:15) in the morning, meals are distributed to inpatients in the hospital, where their meals extend until ten thirty in the morning.
  • Lunch: from 12:15 to 12:45, followed by requests for admitted patients until 4:30 p.m.
  • Dinner: from (6:45 – 7:15) and after nine o’clock in the evening, snack meals are distributed according to the patients’ cases entered.
  • Please do not bring food and drink to your patients, and if it is necessary, we hope to coordinate with the nutrition specialist before bringing food in order to determine the quality and quantity of food before bringing it, according to the instructions of the doctor and the diet of the patient. In the case that the food was brought before taking the approval of the nutritionist , Please contact her through the operator of the division on the internal number (0) and request a nutritionist to determine whether the food is suitable for the patient’s health condition or not.
  • There is a cafeteria on the ground floor of the hospital that provides services for patients, clients, and visitors (sandwiches, pastries, sweets, candies, in addition to cold and hot drinks)

Newborn photography service

And is displayed on the hospital’s official social media page, which is titled (istiklal hospital) after parental approval is taken.

Hair cutting service

If you or the patient needs to have a hairdresser through the hospital you can easily contact our patient services unit.

Internet use service

There is an uninterrupted internet connection all over the hospital. In case patients’ requests connect on their smartphones, a small sum of money is to be paid, then the Information Technology Department is visited for the purpose of obtaining the password.

This service is provided to our patients and their companions throughout their hospital stay.

Daily newspaper service

Daily newspaper service is provided by our patient services team in the hospital where our social supervisor helps you and sends your daily newspaper for free when calling the internal line (Public Relations – ext 558) during your stay with us.


Newborn training service for newborn care

Practical training on newborn care is given to the mothers who give birth in our hospital. This training is provided by experienced nurses who have a certificate of intensive care for newborns. For more information please contact us on the Extension line of the Department of Premature and Newborns No. (195).

Ambulance transport services

Istiklal Hospital provides patient transportation services to and from the airport, border crossing points, homes and hospitals in order to ensure our guests can reach the hospital with ease

Religious services

In our hospital, we respect all religious values ​​and beliefs of patients. When the patient or his family desires to speak or bring a cleric according to the patient’s religion, public relations contact concerned to provide the religious and spiritual support needed, There is a special chapel for men and another for women is located on the floor (-1), in addition  to a sticker in each room to determine the direction of the kiss of prayer.


Laundry services for patients and companions

Dry Clean service (washing and ironing) is provided for the clothes of patients and accompanying persons through the laundry service section in the hospital. For this reason, you can call the internal line (704).

Medical Library Services

Istiklal Medical Hospital Library was established in (2014) AD. The library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System to organize its holdings. International standards and techniques are used in descriptive and objective indexing processes, and the computer is used in all library work.

The services provided in the medical library:

  • Managing electronic subscriptions and providing research and printing services.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the ongoing development of new sources of information through our participation in several electronic sites to provide researchers and patients who are following their health status with the latest scientific developments and how to benefit from them.
  •  Providing paper-based information services from references and guidance, and providing the appropriate general atmosphere for the patients who are sick and whose hospital stay is long seeking to find out new scientific developments related to their illness in addition to providing the proper climate for research and reading.
  • Providing imaging and copying services to the beneficiaries of researches, researchers and patients inside the hospital.
  • Availability of several scientific journals looking at the latest scientific developments in the Arabic language that patients can benefit from.
  • There are several magazines in various fields that the patient can view.
  • Availability of several stories for children who have extended their stay in the hospital and those patients who love to read as a kind of change.
  • We, as employees of Istiklal Medical Hospital library, strive to achieve and provide what we can to ensure the provision of best services to the beneficiaries. 
  • Availability of several educational brochures on some diseases for patients and visitors.

ATM services

At our hospital there is an ATM located at the entrance to the emergency department.

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