Radiology Department

The radiology department at Istiklal Hospital is one of the most important pillars of the health service for accurate and integrated diagnosis and it is considered one of the best diagnostic radiology centers of all hospitals in Jordan and the region. The Radiology Department provides radiological examination services to inpatients, outpatients and emergency cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our professional team is committed to providing health and complete care to meet the needs of patients in performing radiological examinations and maintaining a safe as well as healthy environment in the hospital. The Radiology department at Istiklal Hospital with the expertise of its distinguished teams provides high quality services and care using modern and advanced radiological diagnostic technology.

Among the most important of these devices:


SIGNA Explorer 1.5 Tesla MRI

  • It is one of the newest General Electric appliances installed in the region.
  • It is used for accurate diagnosis of most diseases, especially imaging the brain, spinal cord, spine and joints. It is also used for angiography (MRA) and gives clear and accurate images of the bile ducts (MRCP) and others.
  • It is silent and works most of the checks without sound or low voice.
  • It has no hazards as it works without the need for x-rays and checks are done by electromagnetic waves.

CT 16 Slices

This machine is characterized by the following:

  •  Filming the entire body within seconds, which helps in cases of injuries and accidents. It gives accurate pictures in cases of fractures and internal injuries.
  • Different parts of the body can be photographed and images can be drawn in different arrowheads and coronary directions in addition to 3D images.
  • Accurate depiction of arteries in the entire body and accurate diagnosis of thrombosis in the pulmonary artery and others. 3D images can be given with absolute accuracy.
  • Internal diseases are diagnosed with high accuracy, including internal bleeding, infections, tumors, and others.
  • Colonoscopy and airway bronchoscopy can be performed
    (Virtual Colonoscopy & Bronchoscope)

X-RAY and Fluoroscopy

  • It is used to photograph all parts of the body through X-rays, through which many internal and surgical diseases, bone and joint diseases can also be diagnosed.
  • In addition, it is used to photograph the shady (color) exams of the stomach, intestine, urinary tract, bladder, uterus and others.


  • It is an ultrasound machine that does not use X-rays.

  • This device is used to evaluate the fetus and pregnancy conditions as there is no harm in its use on the mother or the fetus.

  • It is used to diagnose many internal and surgical diseases, evaluation of urinary tract, gynecological diseases and others.

  • Color Doppler Ultrasound.


Panorama device

  • Used to photograph jaws and teeth.

C-arm devices

  • It is used for imaging in operating rooms during surgical procedures.


Portable Radiology devices

  • It is used to photograph patients who are not able to leave the intensive care unit, internal departments, and sometimes emergencies.

Using a computing system (PACS)

  • It is used to photograph patients who are not able to leave the intensive care unit, internal departments, and sometimes emergencies.
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