Quality Policy

Quality is the backbone of any organization through continuous work to improve and continue to adhere to the highest quality standards locally and internationally, where the Department of Quality in coordination with the medical and administrative departments develop policies and procedures that will raise the level of medical and administrative services to obtain levels of customer satisfaction.

General Manager


Continuous improvement of the quality of services provided by the hospital, in accordance with local and international standards in order to ensure safety and security for patients, visitors and staff.

Improving the quality of work and achieving the highest levels of outstanding performance by:

Setting quality improvement priorities in accordance with vision and mission
Achieving the satisfaction of services recipients by fulfilling their requirements and expectations
Provide health care in a safe environment that guarantees the safety of patients, visitors and staff
Raising levels of quality awareness and knowledge for patients, visitors and staff
Establishing effective programs for the continuity of quality improvement and raising the level of performance by having a mechanism for data collection and analysis to identify and improve weaknesses
Achieving hospital accreditation requirements and obtaining a certificate of accreditation
Achieving goals of national programs in quality and safety of health care
Documentation and control of records and documents related to quality, and providing illustrations on how documents are issued, reviewed, approved and amended
Periodic audit to ensure that documented procedures match actions implemented, identify non-conformity cases, and take action to ensure that they do not occur again
Respect of the rights of patients and their families
Providing high-quality medical services at reasonable prices
Gaining patients’ confidence comes first
Inform patients and their companions of all treatment steps and plans
Working with specialist doctors who have graduated from accredited medical universities
We choose well-known doctors in the Kingdom who work according to ethical rules, based on the results of previous treatments and patient testimonials.
Achieving satisfaction of patients and their families
Providing health care and services at utmost levels through employment of professional doctors.