Patients Services

Welcome to Istiklal Hospital. This information has been prepared with the aim of giving you the necessary information you need during your stay in the hospital.

During your stay in the hospital, you can submit any suggestions or comments to the Department of Public Relations and Patient Services, and we thank you very much for your opinions and comments related to you during your stay in the hospital.

Patients Services


  • Employee identification card: There is an employee identification card that includes the employee’s name, picture and job title. Please do not allow any person who does not carry this card to provide you with any service and you must report it directly.
  • The entry officer explains the necessary paper required to complete the check-in procedures (specialist doctor's transfer, personal identity, insurance card if any, passport for non-Jordanian patients) as well as authorization, pledge, guarantee and patient rights and responsibilities forms.
  • Coordination is done with the floor clerk and department head to determine the room or bed
  • The receptionist will deliver you or guide you to the relevant department holding your medical the room.

  • Istiklal Hospital Emergency receives all medical conditions 24 hours a day all over the week
  • Triage system is used in the emergency department in which the need for rapid assesment is determined according to the condition after initially assessing by the designated staff. Thus, the condition is classified based on the signs and symptoms on the patient
  • Conditions classified as dangerous are treated first as a priority without having to wait. It should be noted that the nurse in charge of the classification will inform you of the expected duration for treatment.
  • Direct Ambulance Services: 0096265634399

You can book an appointment at multidisciplinary clinics on daily basis except friday during working hours between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. by calling the hospital's Outpatient Clinins phone on 0096265652600 extention (550). The existing staff member will offer services that can be provided and coordinate appointments with doctors.

  • All rooms in the hospital are equipped with the most modern facilities for accommodation.
  • The nurse in charge of you will provide you with a special bracelet containing all the patient's data and you must keep the bracelet for the duration of your stay in the hospital..
  • The nurse in charge of you will take you to your room and show the nurse's call device located next to the bed, as well as the call device located in the bathroom of each hospital room in case needed
  • The nurse in charge of you will guide you on how to use the bed Whether to lift, or lower it.
  • Regular visits from doctors and nurses and it is important to inform the doctor and nurse about any medications taken by the patient for his safety
  • Providing a central air conditioning system and LED screens to broadcast many stations in all hospital rooms. It is necessary to keep the volume low and turn it off while sleeping
  • Providing all rooms with telephones in order to receive phone calls from inside and outside Jordan with the possibility of requesting any internal transfer by entering the number directly or (/Zero) (0) to request the operator for assistance

Free parking services are available where you can easily come to the hospital in your own car and you will be assisted by security staff at the main hospital entrances and emergency entrances to line up nearby for your security and safety.

Our security team monitors all hospital entrances, exits, parking lots, all medical units, clinics and hospital facilities 24/7  through surveillance cameras to maintain the safety and security of our esteemed visitors.

Your suggestions are important to us and help us in raising the level of health services and ownership and in our keenness to always obtain your satisfaction and our firm desire to provide the best services. We inform you of the existence of a social supervisor who performs the following tasks:

  • Conducting morning tours to inspect patients and provide advice and social counseling, especially in cases of patients with suicides, violence and loss of family support, depression, disabilities, refusing treatment if necessary.
  • Hear the notes and suggestions made by patients and address them with the concerned administrative authorities.
  • There are boxes for suggestions and complaints located throughout the hospital so that we can continue to improve and develop our services provided to you. Please put your suggestions / complaints in the nearest complaints and suggestions box.
  • To submit any suggestion or complaint, the Social Supervisor will respond to your demands immediately, and you can also contact the Public Relations Department directly on the internal line (558) or on the short code through the room's phone number (8974) and call from outside the hospital on (00962797900508) or at Email Address: [email protected]
  • Provide plans to help guide nurses on how to help and deal with patients to reduce negative feedback.
  • Laying down indicative plans to help patients with special needs, cancer patients, chronic diseases, battered patients and children, and developing educational and recreational programs for patients who are in the hospital for long periods of time.

  • Priority is given to elderly patients and those with special needs in providing medical care, as the hospital is equipped to receive and enter these categories of patients.
  • There is dedicated equipment for dealing with these categories of patients in their rooms.
  • Assistance is provided to receive these categories of patients and their companions.

This service facilitates the provision of services to patients who do not speak Arabic or English, as a list of the names of doctors and nursing staff who speak the same language of the patient has been coordinated to ensure that the service is delivered to the patient. Refer to the patient's embassy, where we have the numbers of all embassies.

We provide hospitality services and provide meals to patients subject to the supervision of nutritionists and in line with the Food and Drug Control Law and the Ministry of Health Law and according to a program prepared in advance for this purpose, and the hours of serving meals to patients are as follows:

  • Breakfast: From (6:45 - 7:15) in the morning, meals are distributed to the hospitalized patients, as their meals extend until ten thirty in the morning.
  • Lunch: from (12:15 - 12:45), followed by requests for admission patients until 4:30 pm.
  • Dinner: From (6:45 - 7:15) and after nine o'clock in the evening, snack meals or napkins are dispensed according to the patients' admissions.
  • Please do not bring food and drink to your patients, and if it is necessary, please coordinate with the nutritionist before bringing food, in order to determine the quality and quantity of food before bringing it, according to the doctor’s instructions and the patient’s diet in case the food is brought before the approval of the nutritionist is obtained. Please contact her through the operator of the divider at the extension number (0) and request a nutritionist to determine whether the food is suitable for the patient's health condition or not.
  • There is a cafeteria on the ground floor of the hospital that provides services to patients, visitors and visitors (sandwiches, pastries, sweets, sweets, in addition to cold and hot drinks).

There is an uninterrupted internet connection throughout the hospital. In the case of inpatient requests on their smartphones, for a small sum of money to be paid in the fund, then the Information Technology Department is reviewed for the purposes of obtaining the password.

We provide this service to our patients and their companions for the duration of their stay in the hospital.

Practical training in the care of the newborn is given to our mothers who deliver in our hospital. This training is provided by experienced nurses who have a certificate of Neonatal Intensive Care, for more information please contact us on the line of the Department of Prematurity and Newborns No. (195).

We have patient transport services to and from the airport, border crossings, homes and hospitals, to ensure that our guests can easily reach the hospital.

In our hospital, all the religious values and beliefs of patients from all working cadres are respected. When the patient or his family wants to speak or bring a cleric according to the patient’s religion, the Public Relations Department communicates with the religious guide of the Ministry of Endowments or any other party, the institution is keen to respond to any request It achieves religious and spiritual support for the patient in case the patient or accompanying person needs prayer. There is a private chapel for men and another for women located on the main floor in addition to the presence of a sticker in each room that determines the direction of the qiblah for the patient inside his room.

A dry clean service (washing and ironing) for the clothes of patients and companions is provided through the laundry department in the hospital, for the need for that, you can call the internal line (704).

Al-Istiklal Hospital Medical Library was established in (2014) AD, and the library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System to organize its holdings. It also uses international standards and techniques in descriptive and objective indexing processes, and uses computers in all library work.

  • Services provided in the medical library:
  • Managing electronic subscriptions and providing search and printing services.
  • Keeping pace with the continuous development of new information sources through our participation in several websites in order to provide researchers and patients who are following their health status with the latest scientific developments and how to benefit from them.
  • Providing paper-based informational services such as references and guidance, and providing an appropriate general atmosphere for patients who are informed and whose stay in the hospital is prolonged, and who are looking for scientific developments related to their disease, and to provide an atmosphere for research and reading.
  • Providing imaging services to the beneficiaries of researchers, students and patients inside the hospital
  • The presence of several scientific journals that search for the latest scientific developments in the Arabic language that patients can benefit from.
  • There are many different magazines in different fields that the patient can browse.
  • The existence of many stories for children who stay in the hospital for a long time and who love to read as a kind of change of the patients' psyche.
  • And we, as employees of the Istiklal Hospital Medical Library, strive to achieve and provide what we can to provide the best services to the beneficiaries according to the capabilities available to us.
  • The presence of educational brochures about some diseases for patients and reviewers.

In our hospital there is an ATM located at the entrance to the emergency department.