Patients Rights and Responsibilities

Patients’ Rights
The right to access care in safe environment
Have the right to choose their health care provider and continuous follow up during their stay and /or if transfer is needed
Receive a comprehensive health care through   a qualified professional health care providers
Receive a complete health evaluation and health procedures based on the diagnosis as well as health education related to health needs
know the nature of  illness and all treatment alternatives with the possible side effect and complications and other related intervention 
The right to consideration and respect of patients cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences
Receive proper and needed health care without discrimination based on age, gender, religion, social status, disabilities or special needs 
The right to be informed and participate in decisions relating to their care at every point on the continuum of a care  
The right to security, personal privacy, and confidentiality
The right to have the pain managed
The right to know the price of services and procedures
The right to be informed of their rights in a manner they can understand
The right to access information on the type of services and quality assessment results
To raise the issue of suggestion or  compliant in regards to provided health care

Patient and Family Responsibilities

The patient must provide adequate information to the medical team regarding the current and previous medical condition
Inform the medical team of any unexpected change in the patient's health status
The patient, and his/ her family and relatives should adhere to hospital’s policies and procedures, including No-Smoking, Visiting hours and Food Brought from Home
Comply with the General Safety Regulations of the hospital
Maintain the hospital's assets of tools and supplies in the patient's room and within the hospital premises
The patient and his / her family shall be responsible for following the treatment plan established by the doctor and / or the medical team
Consideration of paying the required financial payments to the hospital