Message from the General Manager

Istiklal hospital  is a medical beacon of a special nature

The Jordanian medical sector in general is one of the main pillars in the Jordanian economy. Therefore, the responsibility that falls on the major hospitals in the private sector is a great one, and this responsibility is exemplified in maintaining the reputation of the Jordanian medical sector and its international position which Jordan reached, as well as working on Development and construction to stay ahead always and in front.

We at Istiklal Hospital are fully aware of this great responsibility. Therefore, the Board of Directors, led by His Excellency Turki Al-Adl – is sparing no effort to support the administration to acquisition of most developed medical devices, as well as to strengthen medical skills and attract top expertise in all specialties in addition to technical and nursing skills so that to ensure quality work and to provide the best medical services for any patient who seeks to recover.

Istiklal Hospital is continuing to evolve and progress and has now become a great medical lighthouse in the heart of our beloved capital, Amman, and it has become a milestone of a special nature at the level of the Arab as well as international level. All this is because of the success of the Board of Directors in setting ambitious plans and thanks to the medical, administrative, nursing and technical staff in the hospital that enabled us to move confidently ahead.

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