Medical tourism

Medical tourism in Jordan

Jordan is the Middle East  gateway to medical tourism and one of the most attractive countries for medical investments and hospitalized resorts due to several advantages, of which are medical tourism, medical spas, biomedical research, production and sales of medical equipments in addition to the production of natural skin care products that are used as a treatment for a number of skin diseases extracted from Dead Sea and rich in concentrated natural minerals.
One of the most important strength points that contributed to the development and progress of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the field of medical services and health care is the competence of medical and nursing staff working in the health sector.

Jordan is chosen as a treatment destination for the treatment of causes

  • Highly qualified staff in the medical, nursing, pharmacy and medical engineering specialties.

  • Competitive therapeutic costs.
  • No waiting period.
  •  Quality of medical services provided in Jordan.
  • Safe and effective health insurance systems in place.
  •  International accreditation obtained by a number of Jordanian hospitals.
  • The presence of hospitalized resorts, such as the Dead Sea, Ma’in baths, and others.
  • Availability of advanced medical devices and equipment in radiology centers, laboratories, oncology centers, nuclear medicine, and others.
  • The Kingdom’s position in the field of health and medical care is also enhanced by the fact that its hospitals obtained international quality certificates, international and local accreditation certificates, which helps the patient to be assured of the quality and safety of the treatment services provided.

     Jordan is also distinguished by its qualified human staff in various specialties, which include oncology and surgery, pediatrics, cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, stem cell transplants, plastic surgery, psychiatry and addiction treatment in addition to other medical specialties.

Jordan ….. your smart destination for medical treatment


A clean and elegant city – the capital of modern Jordan – and the heart center of the social movement, the goddess of Ammon, which the Ammonites built to be the capital of their state. Throughout history, many human waves, people, and ancient civilizations such as Greek and Roman have borne and once carried the name (Philadelphia), meaning the city of fraternal love. In addition to being ancient, it has witnessed in the modern era tremendous civilized prosperity and large geographical and urban extension, it is today a large city inhabited by people from different segments and groups based on more than nineteen mountains. It also represents a model of mixture between originality and contemporary features from the past with the beauty and diversity of the present as the old embrace the present. It is the capital of Jordan and its vibrant heart. It is the center of government, ministries, all state institutions as well as the commercial center of Jordan. Its buildings are distinguished by a distinct architectural pattern dominated by beautiful white stone.
Dotted with malls, which include the finest international brands, family entertainment centers and restaurants in one place.

Dead Sea

The most tourist attraction areas for those looking for warmth and beautiful nature in winter and the exotic nature, which is a sea with no living organisms because of high density of salts in its waters. Although it is poor with living organisms, intense salinity constitutes a precious treasure because of its minerals, In addition to being an important destination of medical tourism, its salty water is a treatment for many incurable diseases, such as psoriasis and other skin diseases, by showering and using medicinal products extracted from it and marketed in various parts of the world. Reaching the Dead Sea is easy and affordable, as there is a modern international road with several lanes to reach from Amman. Transportation is available and convenient, and the prices are reasonable if you want to use big public buses.


Near the Dead Sea lies Ma’in baths, which are characterized by its hot mineral springs, with a temperature of more than fifty degrees Celsius, which makes it an excellent therapeutic property. This water flows in the form of a wonderful waterfall, and it has become an important site of medical tourism sites alongside the Dead Sea. The region has been developed in a modern way in which there is a modern hotel and covered pools and other open for treatment and bathing in hot mineral water. The visitor can enjoy all requirements for luxury and medical treatment of diseases of joints, bones and muscles under the supervision of doctors and skillful experts


One of the unique wonders of the world is engraved in the deaf rock and its pink rocks shine under sunlight.
The presence of old civilizations are embodied in palaces, castles, towers, ancient baths, agricultural reserves, caravanserais and fortified palaces called the desert palaces.

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