International Patient Service

Al-Istiklal Hospital is one of the most important and largest private hospitals, which is located in the heart of the capital, Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the hospital is distinguished by its high capacity, which consists of (280) beds.As the hospital covers all medical specialties and procedures through the internal medical departments and the outpatient complex, which takes into account the highest international quality standards in providing medical and therapeutic services to all patients, in addition to the presence of departments specialized in managing all matters related to patients through the Public Relations Department / Department of Arab and International Patients, which You will take care of your patients and follow their affairs inside the hospital.

خدمات المرضى الدوليين

Duties of the International Patients Office:

The head of the International Patients Office is responsible in front of the General Director of the hospital regarding the full performance of the office.

Coordination and communication are carried out first-hand with the contracting parties with Al-Istiklal Hospital, which are associated with cooperation agreements.

Al-Istiklal Hospital, which are associated with cooperation agreements. Medical reports are received by fax, e-mail, phone call, WhatsApp, or received directly at the International Patients Office.

The received medical reports are presented to the specialized consultants in the case to express their opinion and write a medical report on the treatment plan.

The financial cost is initially estimated before attending the treatment, it is characterized as appropriate treatment fees for all patients

The possibility of sending a specialized medical team to receive the patient and an escort from the airport or any place specified by the patient, if it is from the borders or emergency cases, and according to the patient’s request, or his escort, or the insured entity associated with the hospital.

All stages of treatment are followed up by a member of Arab Patients Office staff.

Air evacuation service can be provided to and from Al-Istiklal Hospital and to any location in the world.

Participation in all international conferences and exhibitions held within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or in any of sister countries to learn about the services provided by Al-Istiklal Hospital

The hospital receives the medical reports from the patients by e-mail, and then presents the report to the specialist consultant to review it, write the response to the report, and draw up the treatment plan within 24 hours, as the patient is contacted by phone and e-mail directly, and an appointment is booked for him in our hospital with the specialist consultant.

Patients are received at the airport by hospital cars and the patient is delivered to the hospital if his appointment is on the same day or the hotel until the patient’s appointment, as ambulances are secured in case the patient needs them.

Patients are assisted in securing reservations for him in hotels or hotel apartments, and with a special discount for Istiklal Hospital patients and at the patient's expense, where a car is secured to bring the patient from the hotel to the hospital for treatment at Istiklal Hospital.

The hospital secures highly experienced consultants, as Al-Istiklal Hospital is distinguished by the presence of modern and accurate equipment for all specialties, so the patient performs all procedures, checks, etc. inside the hospital and does not resort to doing any medical work outside the hospital.

The hospital is distinguished

Providing high-level royal services comparable to the world's finest hotels with its hotel suites and first, second and third class rooms.
With a distinguished nursing staff with experience in the nursing work, who helps patients directly before and after the procedure
There are cadres at Al-Istiklal Hospital who are fluent in several languages, so that patients can communicate easily with the patients in the language they speak
There are permanent relationships in all embassies for countries to be a link between the patient and the embassy in case the embassy is needed
At the end of the patient's treatment, Al-Istiklal Hospital provides the patient with all reports, x-rays, laboratory tests, and final bills stamped with the stamp of Istiklal Hospital, and delivers the patient to the airport.

Follow-up is done with the patient after his discharge from the hospital and his travel regarding his treatment, reviews, and any medical inquiries by phone or email.

For your information and inquiries, please contact the Department of Arab and International Patients from abroad by using the addresses and phone numbers referred to below or by sending an e-mail.

Public Relations Department / Department of Arab and International Patients, Al-Istiklal Hospital

Address: Jordan / Amman / Al Dakhliya Roundabout - Arjan / Istiklal Hospital
Phone: 0096265652600 ext. 548, 558
Mobile: 00962795012722
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Receiving medical reports from patients, either by e-mail, WhatsApp, by phone, or by coming to the office directly.
Presenting the medical reports to the specialized consultant before the patient’s arrival.
Providing visas with flight reservations and hotel or apartment reservations, according to the patient's request or escort, as there is an agreement with some hotels and apartments with a special discount rate for Al-Istiklal Hospital, at patient’s cost.
Receiving the patient and the escort from the airport by the international patients office team, according to the patient’s need, either in a fully equipped ambulance or in a regular car, free of charge, without any costs.
Book appointments with specialized consultants as soon as possible and according to the patient's condition, either in the private clinics of the hospital or admitting the patient directly to the hospital.
Follow-up the patient by the international patient’s office team and fast completing of the procedures in laboratories, radiology, pharmacy and other services required for the patient without waiting.
The patient is followed up completely by the International Patients Office to provide comfort and privacy in terms of booking the required rooms and distinguished hotel services at Al-Istiklal Hospital.
The patients and their escorts are closely followed up by the head of the International Patients Office and his team, on a daily basis, intensive visits to find out any observations and treat them immediately.
Providing all medical supplies disbursed to patients by the treating doctors.
Providing patients and their escorts with the hospital application for direct access to all examinations and procedures carried out for the patient during his treatment trip in the hospital.
Provide the patient, upon discharge, with detailed medical reports in both Arabic and English with the medical condition upon completion of treatment.

Contact Form

To contact the International Patients Office:

People who wish to be treated at Al-Istiklal Hospital can communicate directly with the office team through:

Or the possibility of direct communication with the office by visiting the office at Al-Istiklal Hospital / Interior Roundabout / Al-Istiklal Street