Intensive and intensive care unit

In the intensive care unit of Istiklal Hospital, we provide the highest possible health care, with a ratio of intensive care to a ratio of nurses to patients equal to 1: 1 (that is, a nurse per patient).
It is designed in a way that meets the needs of patients suffering from serious life-threatening illnesses and injuries and requires close monitoring closely in addition to support with specialized equipment and medication to ensure the integrity of normal body functions.

This unit is run by highly trained and qualified doctors and nurses who specialize in the care of ill patients in critical conditions..

The intensive care unit is distinguished from the rest of the hospital’s departments by having more medical staff, along with easy access to advanced medical resources and equipment that are not routinely available anywhere else.
The intensive care unit in our hospital is one of the special departments, as it is characterized by the critical conditions in it, and therefore patients in this department need more attention in a calm environment.

In the intensive care department, sterilization conditions, hand washing and sterilization before entering the unit are taken into consideration. There are also cases that need complete isolation and complete sterilization upon entry.

We care about providing complete care in the intensive care unit, which includes


Caring for the patient

We are concerned with arranging the unit in a distinct way to establish the best atmosphere for patient comfort, and this includes regulation in terms of lighting and devices needed to prevent any complications.


Medical support

It is very important to take into account all elements of intensive care for each patient through planning and good distribution of the nursing team and the presence of a monitoring system for each patient connected to the central monitoring system in the intensive care unit.


Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit takes immediate care of cardiac patients, whether those who have cardiac stents installed, or who undergo cardiovascular surgery.

Our staff includes a number of intensive care specialists, anesthesiologists, and cardiovascular surgery doctors. The patient is subjected to monitoring of heartbeat and ECG, pressure, blood oxygen level, and patient’s body temperature, with the latest medical devices to provide the highest level of treatment and services for all patients.

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