General instructions for visitors

General instructions for visitors

In order to preserve your health, the safety of your patients, and to serve you in a safe environment, please adhere to all instructions and laws in force within the hospital:

Please adhere to the visit instructions, which are:

  1.  Visiting hours at Istiklal Hospital start from nine in the morning until half past nine in the evening. Please adhere to the times of the visit and for a maximum period of half an hour.
  2.  The need to accompany the patient in order to assist him is determined by the specialist doctor who supervises the patient if needed.
  3. The main hospital doors are closed at eleven o’clock at night.
  4.  Entry is from the main emergency gate during the night shift after eleven o’clock at night and only in necessary cases for a period of 10 minutes.
  5. Children visiting patients’ departments must be accompanied by adults at all times of the visit, as well as their visit must be limited, organized and approved by the doctor or health care provider.
  6. To protect the health of your children, please do not bring children under the age of twelve.
  7. Please do not bring food and drink to your patients and if necessary, please coordinate with the nutritionist before bringing food in order to determine the quality and quantity of food before bringing it in accordance with the instructions of the doctor and the patient’s diet. In case the food was brought in before taking specialist approval the nutritionist, please contact her through the operator on the internal number (0) and request the nutritionist to determine whether the food is suitable for the patient’s health condition or not.
  8. Adherence to non-smoking inside the hospital building is a must. A designated place has been specified for smoking outside the building located in front of the main entrance to the hospital.
  9. Maintain calm and preserve cleanliness and hospital property.
  10. The hospital has policies for transporting patients within departments, or transferring them from Istiklal Hospital to another hospital, or vice versa. In the event that any patient or his relatives wish to transfer their patients, they can see the correct mechanism for that.
  11. Staff Identification Card: There is an employee identification card that includes the employee’s name, photo, and job title. Please do not allow anyone who does not hold this card to provide any service to you and you must report him directly.
  12.  The hospital administration is not responsible for the loss of any visitor’s personal property.
  13. It is forbidden to accompany the patient to the catheter or operations department.
  14.  It is prohibited to sit on the patient’s bed or bring chairs from the rest area.
  15. Please do not use the mobile phone near the patient and in the areas where there is medical equipment as well as please keep it in the (silent) mode.
  16.  Please wash your hands with a sterilizer before visiting the patient and after the visit, Kindly note that the sterilizer is located in front of all patients’ rooms.
  17. Direct contact with the patient affects your health and the health of the patient.
  18. Please do not speak loudly in the hospital and be careful not to cry, scream
  19. You must consider the privacy of the patient and his relatives in your visits.
  20. Treat all employees, other patients, and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  21. Adherence to general rules and respect for others’ religious, intellectual and religious beliefs.
  22. Follow hospital regulations and instructions.
  23.  Follow the safety and security regulations and instructions in the hospital.

  Instructions for visiting patients in the intensive care unit

1. Visiting hours in the intensive care department from eight in the morning until six in the evening, and doctors’ instructions do not allow the presence of a companion to the patient during night after the end of the declared visit hours.

2. Wash hands with sterilizer before entering the department and when leaving it.

3. Please wear your sterile dress when entering isolation rooms.

4. Please follow the instructions of the security officer in front of the intensive care unit door in the event that the specialist physically prohibits the visit of the patient if it negatively affects his health condition or his critical health condition, especially patients in isolation rooms. You can speak with the nurse responsible for the patient through the existing phone with the security officer, for the safety of the patient.

5. The visit is limited to one person in order to preserve the safety and privacy of the patient and the duration of the visit does not exceed (five minutes). Also, please do not stay with the patient during the patient’s medical care by doctors and nursing staff.

6. It is strictly forbidden to bring children under the age of twelve to preserve the health of patients and children.

7. It is forbidden to bring live and ground flowers to patients due to the risk of infection, flowers that come under the name of the patient are delivered to the family.

8. It is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone in the department due to the presence of electronic devices affected by this.

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