Endocrine, diabetes and abdominal

Endocrine and diabetes


Diabetes of the first and second types

And choosing the appropriate treatment, whether sugar-reducing pills or insulin of all kinds, and follow-up of the patient to prevent complications and discovering and treating them early if for example, diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, peripheral neuropathy, treatment of blood pressure and high cholesterol associated with diabetes.


Treatment of thyroid gland

It is a gland in the front of the neck that secretes thyroxine and increases it leading to general and nervous fatigue and an increase in heart rate and sometimes atrial racks, along with weight loss. Diagnosis includes examination of the gland in the clinic or by ultrasound and gland activity tests which are TSH, free T4.
The patient is given appropriate treatment according to the type of diagnosis and is either with drugs or radioactive iodine or surgery. The specialist also treats hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism which also causes general fatigue, laziness, lethargy, paleness and poor memory. The reason for women is irregular menstruation and difficulty getting pregnant. It treats thyroxine Euthyrox tablets daily on An empty stomach with follow-up of TSH and FREET4 analyzes. Also, there is a node in the thyroid gland and this is treated according to its size and the possibility of being benign or malignant where a needle sample is taken from it to examine the FNA needle biopsy cells and it is known by the ultrasound if the mass is solid or a bag where the fluid can be drawn Quality in them and then the mass disappears.


Adrenal gland dysfunction

This is either increased secretion which leads to Cushing SYNDROME syndrome, which leads to high blood pressure, skin thinning, high blood sugar, cracks in the skin and treatment, it is first with proper diagnosis and knowledge of the high source of cortisone if it is through drugs he takes The patient to treat other diseases such as rheumatism, asthma or adrenal tumors of pituitary tumors that leads to the adrenal gland secretion by ACTH hormone.
There is a lack of adrenal gland secretion that leads to increased spotting in the body hyperpigmentation where the skin exposed to the sun is very dark and accompanied by a drop in blood pressure and general fatigue called Addison Disease and its treatment using oral cortisone and it is very important to diagnose this disease.
Its treatment is early and the patient’s recommendation is to tell his treating physician that he has an adrenal gland deficiency where he needs to take cortisone needles intravenously before any surgery or when an accident occurs.


Parathyroid glands disorders

Which lead to an increase in calcium in the body and the formation of stones in the kidneys and a decrease in the secretion of parathyroid glands leads to a descending of calcium less than 5 mg and gets spasms and pain in the muscles.


Short stature among children.



 It is a defect in bone structure and a lack of calcium in it and is diagnosed by a nuclear image of the bone Bone Density Scan and give the appropriate treatment according to fragility, which is more in women, especially after the interruption of the menstrual cycle and ovarian excision.

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