Obesity Surgery

The best and guaranteed solution for weight loss and elimination of obesity and diseases associated with obesity surgery is aimed at reducing the amount of food a person eats and thus reducing the number of daily calories consumed as they achieve impressive results in weight reduction in record time and are easy to perform

Obesity Surgeries

Sleeve Gastricectomy of the stomach (removing 80% of stomach size, reducing hunger hormone(gherlin))

Minigastric ByPass

Gastric Balloon

Bariatric Surgeries are characterized by

Low cost

20-50% Weight-loss

Reduction of Stomach Size and Hunger Hormone (ghrelin) which Lead to Early Satiety

Removal of about 80% of Stomach Size

Bariatric Surgeries help you change your nutrition styles easily and gives you a golden opportunity to get rid of obesity and maintain perfect weight. It is important to highlight that these procedures must be performed by a full team of expertise that include:

Bariatric Surgeon

Medical or Endocrinologist

Nutritional Specialist

Psychiatry Consultants

Stages of the patient's Post-Operative Procedure

Overall, the patient needs 6 weeks to eat normally. The changes in his digestive system always make us alert to the quantity and quality that the patient can eat at every meal so that he does not fall into digestive problems and pain as well as to get all the nutrients of vitamins and minerals needed after the operation

Obesity Surgery

The Stages That The Patient Goes Through after the operation

Phase 1

Immediately after the operation, the patient can only eat very light or transparent liquids. It stays like this for 4 days after the operation, and these liquids must be sugarless and greaseless

Phase 2

Take full low-fat, sugar-free liquids for about a week

Phase 3

Eat low-fat ground food that is completely without sugar and must stay like this for two weeks

Phase 4

Eat soft, light, sugar-free and low-fat food. When we are sure that the patient is starting to fully recover and he has no resulted disorders due to digesting food, we move on to the final stage

Phase 5

This is the last stage, which is a normal diet that has quantities his stomach and intestines can digest without any side effects or discomforts. We must mention that it has to be always free of sugar and fat