Career Ethics and Rules

Istiklal Hospital adheres to all career ethics and medical rules as the medical profession is an ancient human, moral and scientific profession that has earned it long traditions and specifications . This  nature makes it necessary for those practicing it to respect the human personality in all circumstances and conditions and to set a good example in all conducts and treatments in his work. It is about preserving People lives and being compassionate and exerting utmost effort in serving them. Medical responsibility between the doctor and the patient is based on taking care and not neglecting, not healing.

We mention some of these ethics contained in the Jordanian medical constitution, including

  • Every medical action must target the absolute interest of the patient and have a justification for it, for him to be satisfied and to please his guardian if he is a minor or unconscious.
  • It is not permissible to end the life of a patient with an incurable disease, and whatever pain accompanies that, whether by a direct or indirect intervention except for brain death, according to the scientific conditions approved by the Medical Association.
  • A doctor who occupies a position is prohibited from exploiting this position, whether it is administrative, political or social for professional purposes aimed at increasing his patients. It is also prohibited for him to use his position to obtain a material gain from patients or resort to methods that can undermine the medical profession, especially Fraud, or pretense of discovering a scientifically unproven method of diagnosis or treatment.
  • The doctor is prohibited from performing any work that is inconsistent with the dignity of the profession.
  • When accepting the care of a person, whether in his private clinic or in a hospital, the doctor must do his utmost effort to provide care, kindness and sincerity to all patients alike.
  • The doctor, regardless of his work or specialization, must perform the first aid for the patient whose life is at risk unless there is a force majeure that prevents this.
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