Breast Imaging Unit.

The breast imaging unit at Istiklal Hospital is an important component of the radiology department. Diagnostic and early detection tests for breast cancer are conducted in cooperation and participation with the Hussein Center in the Jordanian program for early detection of breast cancer.
The Breast Imaging Unit holds a Jordanian accreditation certificate after completing the requirements of the accreditation standards for breast imaging examination units from the Health Institutions Accreditation Council (HCAC).

The unit uses the following devices:



It is used to photograph breasts from multiple points, to diagnose breast diseases and tumors. It is also the cornerstone of early detection of breast cancer before any clinical symptoms appear.
It is recommended to do a mammogram annually after reaching the age of 40, according to the Jordanian program for early detection of breast cancer.



It is used for breast imaging to show mammogram results and to screen women under the age of thirty.
It is used for sampling breast tumors.


Magnetic resonance device:

It is used for color breast imaging when needed for a more accurate evaluation of some conditions.


Using a computing system (PACS):

The Radiology Department of Istiklal Hospital uses the PACS system. This is useful for:
Through this system, existing digital images can be processed for diagnostic purposes with the highest possible accuracy.
The ability to print test pictures on CD, x-ray film or paper.

The ability to save images for many years, with high quality, allowing the doctor to return to it and compare the new pictures.
Connect devices in the emergency and internal departments of the hospital as well as our doctors’ clinics with the system so that the doctor can see the images directly through the PACS screens they have.

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