About Istiklal Hospital

Istiklal Hospital is a sophisticated highly-developed health facility in the Jordanian private sector dedicated to providing the highest levels of medical service for patient care within international quality standards and at the best prices

Istiklal Hospital is committed to medical ethics and respect for patient rights. It was established in 2001 in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on an area of ​​(33,590) square meters.

The hospital has 280 fully-equipped multidisciplinary beds to provide the best diagnostic and treatment services based on the best quality standards locally and globally.

The hospital is equipped with the latest medical and technical devices available in top hospitals in most developed countries according to the best specifications and standards in the medical sector.

The hospital is equipped to receive the most complicated and difficult cases around the clock, in addition to receiving all cases of general, private and accurate surgery. We are fully aware that competition between medical institutions depends heavily on excellence in quality, medical services, professionalism, teamwork, constant education and attention to details, in order to surround our patients with complete comfort, advanced and accurate health care throughout their stay.

The position of Istiklal Hospital in the field of health and medical care is also enhanced by obtaining international quality certificates, international and local accreditation certificates which helps the patient to be assured of the quality and safety of the treatment service he receives.

Our achievements

Istiklal Hospital obtained the local accreditation certificate from the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) accredited by the ISQua.

For five consecutive times:













In addition to obtaining certificates of excellence and accreditation, Istiklal hospital received the Excellence Award in Occupational Safety and Health from the Social Security Corporation.

Because of the quality management, customer satisfaction certificate, the presence of experienced doctors, distinctive medical and nursing staff, and a modern management administration, Istiklal Hospital has become a preferential institution on an international level in medical tourism by obtaining the confidence of the Jordanian and Arab patient.

Our goals

Istiklal Hospital, according to its ambitious plans during 2017, sought to be an educational institution supportive of training in addition to being an educational hospital for doctors through a distinguished team of Jordanian specialists accredited in all medical specialties and known at the international level whom are committed to providing the best health care for patients.

Finally, we are proud to open our medical facility equipped with the latest international standards, the most advanced and specialized in the world, to provide high-quality health care to our patients.

We thank you for your confidence in choosing Istiklal Hospital to care for you and your loved ones, and we look forward to reaching more than your expectations.

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