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Istiklal hospital is an outstanding medical destination that has an excellent reputation locally and internationally for serving its patients more than twenty years. The hospital is one of the largest leading private educational hospitals spreading over an area of about 34,000 square meters. It was established under royal patronage as a state-of-the-art health facility in the Jordanian private sector in 2001 in Amman, the Jordanian capital , to carry a distinguished message that reflects the medical progress in Jordan. Our hospital is currently a 280-bed multi-specialty hospital.


Since its establishment, Istiklal hospital has been dedicated to providing the best levels of diagnostic and therapeutic services in all specialties using the latest medical and technical devices available worldwide in accordance with the highest international quality standards and at affordable prices. All types of minor and major surgeries are performed in the hospital under the supervision of a variety of top medical consultants and expertise in addition to well-trained competencies who closely follow up on patients in order meet their needs quickly and conveniently.

As part of the ongoing quest for leadership, a separate mental health department has been inaugurated at Istiklal hospital to become the only private hospital in Jordan to adopt the integration of mental health into a public health system based on the definition of the World Health Organization and to also reduce societal stigma.

It is of importance to highlight that the hospital has acquired national accreditation from the Health Care Accreditation Council HCAC which is ISQua accredited agency. Furthermore, Istiklal Hospital has received the excellence award in occupational safety & health from the Social Security Corporation SSC for more than one time as well as many local and international certificates and awards from International Hospitals Federation and USAID, etc.. .


Istiklal Hospital is currently considered a preferential medical destination regionally and internationally that attracts medical tourism due to the sense of trust in services provided.


Our hospital is also an educational hospital with accreditation from Jordan Medical Council and Arab Board of Health Specializations for residency programs in some specializations. Moreover, Istiklal training center is accredited from American Heart Association for BLS and ACLS as a separate international center and ATLS courses from American Surgeons Association.

280 beds

10 operating rooms

20 ICU Intensive Care Units

12 CCU

15 - 17 Daily Case Units

23 Dialysis Haemodialysis Machines

Mutma’ena for Mental Health and Addiction

Comprehensive Diagnostic and treatment Centers and Units

50+ Outpatient clinic

Emergency Department

Radiology Department

24/7 Laboratory


Visitors Cafeteria

Major Lecture Halls



Istiklal Hospital was awarded the local accreditation by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC), which is accredited by ISQua. over the course of five consecutive times from:

In addition to obtaining certificates of excellence and reliability, in addition to receiving the Excellence Award in Occupational Safety and Health from the Social Security Corporation.

Due to the quality management, customer satisfaction certificate, the presence of experienced doctors, distinguished medical and nursing staff, and the modern management system, Al-Istiqlal Hospital has become a preferential institution at the international level in medical tourism by gaining the trust of the Jordanian and Arab patients.

The hospital has been accredited by the Jordanian Medical Council's residency and training program since 2018, with five specialties, and it aspires to add new specialties soon during the 2021 plan.

We thank you for your trust in choosing Istiklal Hospital to care for you and your loved ones, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

About Us